Architectural Services

STUDIOFANG provides a full suite of architectural services from Concept Design to Implementation and Handover.

Pre-design stage

Provide recommendations as required in relation to fees and for the appointment of consultants.

Inspect the Project site and assess general site conditions and constraints.

Undertake a preliminary analysis of authority regulations and requirements and advise Client.

Sketch design stage

Arrange and attend meetings with the Client, relevant authorities, consultants and others as reasonably required.

Prepare sketch drawings including sketches, diagrams and other information explain the Design to the Client.

Prepare Design briefs and direct consultants to undertake work as required.

Liaise with cost consultants in the preparation of the preliminary cost estimate.

Prepare preliminary selections of materials and finishes.

Prepare town planning application/development application as required.

Detailed design stage

Develop the approved sketch design into a final design solution.

Arrange and attend Client meetings as reasonably required. 

Co-ordinate the design work undertaken by consultants within the architectural design.

Provide schedule of proposed materials and finishes.

Building permit stage

Prepare drawings at an appropriate scale including plans, elevations and sections, together with other details and schedules to enable statutory approval to construct the Project.

Co-ordinate and collate the work of all consultants with the architectural drawings.

Arrange and attend Client meetings as reasonably required

Submit documents to the building surveyor for building approval.

Tender Documentation stage

Prepare documentation at an appropriate scale including drawings, details, specifications and schedules suitable for tendering purposes.

Co-ordinate and collate the work of all consultants with the architectural drawings.

Arrange and attend Client meetings as reasonably required

Obtain the Client's approval to proceed with Contract Preparation Stage

Contract Preparation stage

Prepare a list of prospective tenderers for approval by Client.

Provide recommendations on the preferred method of tendering and contract selection.

Call tenders, or, in the case of negotiated tender, negotiate with the preferred contractor.

Issue tender documentation to all tenderers.

Respond to enquiries from tenderers.

Close and assess the tenders.

Negotiate with the preferred tenderer to obtain an offer acceptable to Client.

Prepare a report and recommendation of tenderer’s offer for acceptance by Client.

Prepare the contract documentation, including incorporating changes made during negotiations with the preferred contractor.

Arrange for the signing and execution of the contract documents by both parties.

Contract administration stage

Undertake periodic site inspections, check work in progress regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance as described in the contract documents.

Review documentation and other submissions by builder and/or contractor.

Provide builder/contractor supplementary details and information.

Provide builder/contractor instructions to clarify the contract documents where required.

Administer variations and obtain Client approvals.

Attend site meetings and other meetings as required.

Provide the Client with regular reports regarding time, cost and progress of the works.

Assess builder/contractor’s progress claims and issue progress certificates.

Assess builder/contractor’s claims for extensions of time.

Adjust prime cost and provisional sums and other monetary sums included in the contract documents.

Co-ordinate consultants as required.

Prepare defects lists prior to practical completion.

Issue instructions to the builder/contractor for work required to achieve practical completion including rectification of any defects.

Inspect rectification of defects and issue notice of practical completion.

Post-Construction Services stage

Assess the final contract account.

Coordinate the rectification of any defects found in the works 

Inspect the works and prepare final defects listing.

Issue the final certificate on completion of all defects and outstanding work.



STUDIOFANG provides full architectural and Passive House design services for projects from pre-design to post-occupancy stages of the building process.

Our currently core of work focus on residential and interior design projects, as we pivot our processes and design approach towards Passive House building performance standards.

Based on our gamut of experience, we also provide cross-disciplinary experience in curatorial, exhibition and installation art design, giving us the confidence to tackle highly conceptual, bespoke and polemical design projects.

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